Tokens for Teslas

Securely create access tokens for third-party access to your Tesla

Generate a new Tesla API Token

Sign in with your Tesla email and password:

How does it work?

Generate a token

Use your Tesla account credentials below to generate a unique access token. Your information will not be used for any other purpose.

Save Your Token

Once you have your token, copy or save the page. Since we never store your access token, we can't retrieve it if you lose it.

Stay safe

Use your access token instead of giving third-parties access to your Tesla login. Use a separate access token with each service or provider for extra security.

Is it secure?

In a word, yes. I personally use it with my own Tesla Model X.

When you use the app your Tesla login is used for a single request to Tesla to get an access token, then never again. We don't store the login or your credentials in any way. We use SSL to encrypt all communication over the network. The app is deployed to Heroku, who is very reputable (owned by Salesforce).

If you're not convinced, the codebase is open source. You can find the code in this repository on Github.

Who made this?

My name is Corey Ward. I'm a senior-level freelancer/contract developer working on the web. You can find more about me on my website or follow me on Twitter here.

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